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Originally Posted by r.cade View Post
The trick is the sound. I get nice smooth video without VSYNC also, but only with sound disabled. For that reason I run AutoVSync, which is a good compromise. It skips here and there, but not badly, and the sound is correct.
I didn't know AutoVSync can prevent the audio speedup in 60fps + 60Hz output That's just reveals how much i've ignored it. I'm lucky to be able to run at 50fps + 50Hz, so i don't need VSync to keep audio at normal speed. It means good video and audio at the same time

I'll admit that in 60fps + 60Hz + AutoVSync, the good video smoothness is gone (and i didn't like the audio either tbh - i was hearing subtle out-of-tune problems). I'm loving my 50Hz desktop possibility more and more.

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