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Originally Posted by Dot77 View Post
Challenge accepted

I used 60fps in WinUAE this time, for 60Hz people to see smooth scrolling (once again i recommend VLC for playback). Audio was disabled, but emulated. It sounds hideous when sped up. Also appears to cause some "crackling".

WinUAE was running in 1280x720 fullscreen (no VSync). Fraps was recording in 60fps, fullsize and lossless RGB compression. Recording was done to RAM disk to minimize the chance of frame drops in the recorded video.

During recording i watched the screen like a hawk and didn't spot ANY jerks. You might see one or two in the video, BUT those jerks don't seem to have any fixed locations in the video timeframe. That would suggest oddities in video playback, not problems in WinUAE delivering smoothness

The trick is the sound. I get nice smooth video without VSYNC also, but only with sound disabled. For that reason I run AutoVSync, which is a good compromise. It skips here and there, but not badly, and the sound is correct.
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