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Originally Posted by RMK View Post
Although I don't have a PPC it is nice to see development continue for the classic.

Steve, post a link to your youtube video of 4.1 on your classic when you've made it please
Hi Mate,

OS4.1 has given me a huge head ache to be honest, my installations stop booting after a few days, CF's and HDD's I tried start complaining of bad blocks and then it ceases to boot. The CF's I was using are known good CF's and working fine in other setups.

So I went with an ATA HDD and hoped that would help, but nope - same issues.

I've had a fresh nightmare now with Graphics Cards not working anymore when the were before (still working on OS3.9) so I've given up for the time being and put the A1200 away before I throw it out the window.

I have another Radeon 9200 256mb on the way from Hong Kong (the last £££ I throwing at this project) if I get it running reliable on that I'll post a Video if not it all goes in the trash

(Only kidding about the trash - I wouldn't bin an Amiga)

Some good news, well I have had it running nice on my Voodoo 5 and then for a day with Radeon 9250, its much better and more polished than OS4, thats for sure. The GUI is very nice and I like the 3D effects.

Web browsing although a little slow was much better than I had experienced on OS3.9 but I've since been told OWB is available on 68k so I might have to give that a shot under OS3.9 to compare.

I'm pretty impressed by the WarpOS Emulation, WarpOS apps from OS3.9 are working such as ADoomWOS which runs faster than the OS4.1 port although not in OpenGL.

However I must say I find most of the OS4.1 ports a little disapointing, GLQuake is very slow as the OpenGL does not seem to be doing any of the work, the PPC is pushing the same FPS you get under Software Rendering.

Mame is a joke, 6fps I got from Solomans Key which is a simple game. Don't even bother with early CPS1, etc. The 060 version is better, I remember Solomans Key being playable on that.

It looks like some games like HeretticII will need new a patch or new installer to work with OS4.1 Classic as it would not install not would it run from my OS3.9 partition.

Anyway to sum up, its definately a step forward but don't expect it to be an OS you could use on a daily basis, another hobbyist OS I would say.

I don't regret buying it though, I think its great we still have support for these systems in 2011 and it can only get better if we buy it and give our feedback, also if you're reading thanks for the help and advice from the guys over at Amibay


Oh, almost forgot - here are some more screen shots I took:

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