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Originally Posted by Christian View Post
Um, In my experience, in WinUAE, Double-Buffering is enough to eliminate screen tearing. V-sync should be avoided as it (again for me) creates more of a lag/delay from key presses to results on the screen.

And yes, you can get perfectly smooth scrolling without v-sync. And no, you do NOT need a CRT. Who the f*ck wants one of those on their desk nowadays! I mean really???!
Double buffering in itself never removes screen tearing, but V-syncing always has the purpose of removing screen tearing. If double buffering removes screen tearing then it's understood that some vertical syncing is also taking place.

One reason to use a CRT is to avoid the small lag/delay introduced by flat screens due to how they work. This delay is only the duration of a single image frame so it's pretty negligible.
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