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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Not true at all. Besides, if the image is tearing, it's obviously not moving smoothly is it?

Absolute bullshit.
Tearing does not cause a jerk in scrolling. It just causes that visible horizontal anomaly due to seeing two (perhaps even more) different frames on the screen at the same time. I'm starting to think that we are talking about slightly different things. You focus more on the overall visual quality of what you are seeing on the screen, and i'm just talking about whether scrolling has jerks/hickups/framedrops (whatever you want to call them) or not.

A very short video of 1280x720p Pinball Dreams, recorded with Fraps at 50fps, full size and lossless RGB compression. Compressed using H264 compression with CRF setting of 18:

Dropbox link

In order to see what i saw during gameplay, you need a 50Hz desktop, Period. There's no way around that (and VLC is good for playback - for example my MPH-HC + ffdshow setup with all its tweaks caused some hickups here and there on its own during video playback). In 60Hz desktop, the steady subtle jerkyness is caused by the difference between video framerate and desktop refresh rate. Graphics are a bit fuzzy due to bilinear filtering for null filter in WinUAE. VSync was not used.

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