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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I don't believe that for a second. I've tried running emulators for all sorts of systems at 60hz, and the scrolling is terrible. ...
Oh i wish i could prove it, but i don't have a cam that can record at 50i. My Finepix F31fd can only do 30p, and that doesn't help in this case.

If WinUAE is running in its default framerate of 50, 50Hz desktop (or a higher multiple of it) is absolutely mandatory to get smooth scrolling. VSync should also be avoided. You can try adjusting WinUAE's fps to 60 for 60Hz desktop, but that causes sound to speed up too, which is not good.

While letting Pinball Dreams run its demo of a table (it scrolls it up and down as you know), i monitored around 2-3 frame drops/minute. The rest of the time the scrolling was absolutely perfectly smooth. Can't get any smoother than that. WinUAE output was 32-bit 1920x1080 to a 1080p LCD-TV with 50Hz Windows desktop. Null filter was enabled in WinUAE filter settings to scale graphic content to fill the screen more efficiently. I also enabled bilinear filtering (null filter defaults to point sampling). Point sampling can cause anomalies if there's smooth moving graphics on screen (which is definitely the case for Pinball Dreams). Bilinear filtering does cause "fuzzy pixels", but it looks fine when TV is viewed from proper distance. Black Crypt was definitely better with point sampling.

Btw, what is you definition of "terrible scrolling"? Is 2-3 frame drops/minute terrible? Windows being Windows, i think it's the cause of those drops, not WinUAE emulation itself.
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