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Well I never thought I would say this!!!!!! But I find the Atari ST to be my fave emu on the little machine. I use uae for a few games like the AlienBreed games and some exclusives, but the sheer number of different crack/rom/settings combinations often means it easier just to fire up multiplatform titles in the great little ST emu. Also some titles like Paradroid 90 have very aggressive AI on the miggy, an are a little more forgiving on ST, which is a definite plus when playing on a small screen with limited controls. I also use mame a fair bit, and use the cradle and tv out setup to have some lunchtime battles in the office at work. All in all its a great machine but hampered by lack of a keyboard.
@Tomcat - yep feels about right, hopefully it arives on my doorstep before the retail release of the quantum pc :-/
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