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Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
Spoke to them last week and they said looking at my order number I am at that place in the current que for dispatch next month. So there :-P
Look at the blog I linked to, EvilDragon stated that over half of the first batch have been shipped out. First batch is 4000, meaning >2000 of the first batch have been shipped out (this number doesn't include premium Pandoras). How do you think you've got queue position 1900 again?

Who did you buy from, GBAX? That's just one of the stores that pre-orders were available from. is another. Pre-orders are split across multiple stores, and the queue position you were given does not reflect that. It's already been stated multiple times that the queue position is just an estimate, if you want to believe otherwise, be my guest.

P.S. Do hope you enjoy your Pandora when it arrives. I pre-ordered in the first batch but had to cancel when I needed the money. Most people who've got theirs seem to say it was worth waiting for, hope you feel the same.

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