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Thanks prowler

ProNet setup:


Simply choose ProNet from the Serial menu entry.


Make sure to disable FIFO buffers in the advanced settings of your serial port. Hardware Manager > Your port > Advanced settings.

In WinUAE's ClassicWB config under I/O ports choose your serial port and make sure you tick the RTS/CTS option.

Modify the devs:ProNet/.config file to look like this:

serial artser.device 0 19200 3WIRE
Download artser.device and copyhead from aminet.

Copy artser.device to devs: and copyhead to c:

To mount a remote amiga drive type ina shell window:

pronet-start remote_df0 df0 ;to mount the internal drive
It's pronet-start local_name remote_name, no double colons!

A disk icon should appear and you can access it almost like any other drive (not all dos packets are supported, check the pronet manual for more details).

To access the RAM: disk on the remote machine you have to mount a RAD like device since pronet hangs if you simply type:

pronet-start remote_ram ram
You've got a couple to choose from. In most cases VD0: should work ('mount vd0:' in hombre shell). If that fails use VR0: or VR1: instead.

;Amiga Shell
mount vd0: ;or
mount vr0: ;or
mount vr1:

;Amiga Shell (Winuae)
pronet-start remote_ram vd0 ;or
pronet-start remote_ram vr0 ;or
pronet-start remote_ram vr1
To transfer ADFs directly to/from disk, mount FLAT: in Hombre, in WinUAE's shell mount it ('pronet-start flat flat') and use the copyhead command like this:

copyhead disk.adf flat:df0 901120 ;to write an adf to a disk in the internal drive
copyhead disk.adf flat:df1 901120 ;to write an adf to a disk in the external one
copyhead flat:df0 ram:disk.adf 901120 ;to convert a disk in the internal drive to an adf in ram: in WinUAE, etc.
That's it.
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