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Exclamation Boing Bag 3 problem with A3000D

This past weekend, I finally decided to blow away my A3000D's haphazard OS 3.1 install and put a fresh OS 3.9 on it. The 3.9 install went very smoothly. Installed Boing Bags 1 & 2 with no problems as well. But then I ran into an issue with Boing Bag #3. I managed to resolve it, but hopefully my post will be of some help to future users and maybe also to the authors to investigate and fix.

My problems started after I was to add the lines to my S:Startup-Sequence. I commented out the only existing SetPatch line, as instructed, and then typed the LoadModule and new SetPatch lines, exactly as presented by the installer. I finished the install and did a cold boot as instructed. When the machine came back up, I watched the SCSI activity light and clearly saw that it seemed to be working, saw the machine reboot, and then got a purple Kickstart screen showing OS 3.9, version 40.57(?) which I imagine is what the patched ROM would show. However, my SCSI drives were gone. I booted with my emergency disk and confirmed that none of my SCSI drive partitions were visible.

I began Googling for other people who had similar issues, but couldn't find much on this particular situation. Figuring that since the SCSI devices had vanished, my first culprit was probably the upgraded scsi.device that BB#3 installed. I clearly remembered being asked what model of Amiga I was running and chose the 3000. Thinking that maybe the installer had put the wrong version into DEVS:, I got into the extracted archive, found the DEVS: and saw that the different scsi.device updates were identified by machine model. I copied the scsi_a3000.device to my DEVS:, renamed the one that was there to scsi.device.bad and renamed the A3000 one to scsi.device. I did another cold reboot and was once again greeted at the end with a purple Kickstart screen.

This time, I booted with my emergency disk, edited the S:Startup-sequence and in those lines I was supposed to add at the end of BB#3's install, I removed the DEVS:scsi.device item from the LoadModule list and also removed scsi.device from the SetPatch SKIPROMMODULES list. I cold restarted once again and this time, I was able to get into Workbench.

Hopefully this will be of use to any A3000 owners that want to use Boing Bag 3. (Boing Bag 4 installed without a hitch, BTW.) However, there does appear to be a problem with the updated scsi.device for A3000's. I would appreciate it if the authors would take a look into it and fix that scsi.device file. I'm still running 43.43 from the BB#2 ROM Update, which seems to be fine. But if there is a performance gain by going to 43.45, I'd like to be able to.
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