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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Any 68k (or replacement) core to be dropped into "FPGA" will be a kind of emulation of course, even if much closer to 100% cycle-exacty and with the possibility of full speed with full speed access to off the shelf memory.
Why is any core running on fpga emulation? Is it because it's not made by Motorola nor Freescale? Or is it because it isn't a physical wired processor, but flashed to behave as it was?

If the first, then wouldn't any PC be "emulation"? Since it is derived from a reverse engineered bios, and not the one made by IBM?

If second, it is only (lots of) money that is in between having say the natami when done as traditional physical components.

Both the natami and fpga arcade will let you use a real processor if that is what you want by adding a daughter board.

It will not be a real Amiga, it will be a compatible / clone Amiga (just as a PC used to be known as a IBM Compatible PC). so people looking for the real experience will have to find an old Amiga and upgrade it to their wishes. I'll however will stay with classical amigas while getting a modern Amiga clone.
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