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Originally Posted by digiflip View Post
Natami, mmc-216, minmig, Clone-A, FPGArcade, Chameleon 64?
My two-penneths worth......

Natami looks great, would love to see it materialise.

MMC-216 relatively closed system.
Ditto the Clone-A, Chameleon 64.

Chameleon 64 only has 32768 colour video out (5-bits/colour according to tech docs), so limits it to A500 emulation, and requires a c64(?) to run.

FPGArcade board looks quite full-featured. An FPGA based CPU daughter-board might make more sense than a 68060 based one.

Minimig hardware was great at the time, but an S3-400 chip doesn't allow much more in the way of features to what already exist.

The fact that the Minimig source is out there gives it the best chance of succeeding on various hardware. Altera DE1 board for example.
Yaqube and co. are doing some great work with the source.

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