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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
Amiga in a joystick.
That's a vile idea for so many reasons and will transform the Amiga into a toy and kill whatever user base there is when you've played with it and thrown it in the toy bin. The same as with gaming handhelds. If the joystick is not up to scratch or otherwise not your cup of tea, the whole thing is as bad as the joystick. Plus, it's a toy and when the games aren't fun anymore its value is zero. Disgusting thought, brrr.

When it comes to a future for Amiga, Jens Schönfeld has consistently had the best ideas in that direction. Because don't forget that any Amiga hardware will have to be sustainable economically, else it's a flash in the pan - users won't buy (cos there are no more) and dev won't dev (cos he made little money last time). Jens' decisions and designs have grown on me to where he's impressed me as a reliable professional who has a battle plan.

What we need is a motherboard replacement of any of the Amiga models that outputs audio and video, and that runs at least that model's Amiga software well enough, and that accepts most of the newly made hardware expansions. If I know Jens, he already has some sound thoughts in that direction

For new software to be dev'd and sold for that platform, it'd have to have some easy insertion of media, or devs would go real Amiga (or any other platform) instead. (As in, "OK, you've paid for the software, now follow this twelve-step guide to get it on your Amiga and maybe after half an hour if you made no mistake you'll be able to use it.")

In this day and age, it would be insane to support "any disc", cartridges or distribution on MMC or floppy. An ethernet port, and the problem is solved.

I hope one of the hardware projects going on comes near this solution. Will be interesting to see what the future brings
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