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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Pandora rip-off: [ Show youtube player ]
Looks more like a portable Famiclone to me, hardly competition for the Pandora. Pandora didn't invent the clamshell form factor for portable gaming, you do know that don't you?

Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
still waiting for mine - think i am about 1900 in the que. Should arrive in June 2244 i think
How many times does this have to be explained! Simply put, there is NOT one single queue! The queue numbers given were only estimates for one store, not ALL the stores that the Pandora were sold from. If you refuse to see that multiple queues exist then you're going to mislead yourself about when to expect your Pandora.

With all that said, we were given some more information on production this week:
This is the bit you're probably most interested in:
1. What’s the status of the first batch?

We’re just round the corner for the last 1000 PCBs of Batch 1.
While this doesn’t mean that 3000 units have been delivered (we also need to check and build the PCBs into cases, don’t forget that), more than half of the Batch 1 units have been delivered, and deliveries go on.
There wasn’t a week where no Pandoras had been delivered, we just test, build and ship out continually.
Hope this helps clarify the current production status.
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