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Originally Posted by delshay View Post
we can modify old PPC cards to go faster.

CyberStorm PPC possible top end speed 450Mhz-500Mhz with a little overclocking. (this is not a 604e).

Blizzard PPC posssible 350Mhz-550Mhz.... NOTE: Blizzard card has been pre-tested by me at 350Mhz but this chip is not a 603e project never completed but for sure will restart late this year.

both cards for sure will problely need at least a flashrom update.
If you have the knowledge and talent to make a Cyberstorm capable of running at up to 500MHz and a Blizzard PPC running up to 550MHz, I would think that you might also be able to create a new PPC accelerator boards for Classic Amiga computers (with, or without the assistance of other hardware/software designers). If you ever finish your project and figure out how to reliably get these old 68k & PPC boards to run as fast as you think you can, I would probably be interested in getting my Cyberstorm upgraded, but you should consider creating a new accelerator for Classic Amigas using one of the newer embedded PPC chips.
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