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I'm a classic machine lover (I can't get to like the concept of the new PPC Amigas), so in my humble opinion, the "future" for most Amigans is represented by machines like the NatAmi or Clone-A, which are actually pushing the original Amiga architecture outside its old limits. It will still be a niche product, but at least is something I can still call Amiga.

As for the _real_ future (one which can actually extend outside the limited Amiga enthusiasts group), they should just ditch the PPC architecture, and go for a low cost ARM-based idea (Project Denver + custom chipsets anyone?). Amiga was successful because it was a relatively cheap machine which was a lot more powerful than its competitors. If we can't get the "more powerful" side, we should at least aim for the "relatively cheap". Port AmigaOS4 on it, and start producing it for cheap as a hobbyist/business/internet oriented machine. Maybe that'd give new life to the Amiga name.

Most certainly, I can't see a 1500EUR machine being successful (*cough* X1000 *cough*).

That's just my two pennies' worth

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someone needs to take over production of video cards like nvidia etc and call them amiga, that way, the 'amiga' custom chips philosophy lives on. Push it forward with software that is produced to specifically take advantage of the 'new' video chips.

perhaps this may be the only way for anyone to survive in the intel dominated environment...
Keep your eyes peeled for Project Denver, then
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