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Originally Posted by ElectroBlaster View Post
The Pandora looks good but there is this niggly thought about the way its built.... is the casing ok? I read a few things about it cracking which really puts me off.
Seems like Ashens did a pretty thorough job on reviewing this thing. From the review it would appear that it's a nice and robust system. It's just the pricing that seems to be a little steep. However, I suppose you have to factor in the overall production costs of most of the bespoke parts. And if I did have that sort of money I would most definitely invest in one.

It just seems a safer bet to invest money in than say some other recent emulation products

The full ashens review can bee seen on youtube:
[ Show youtube player ]

I forgot to mention the Caanoo by GPH. A friend owns one and there is an amiga emu in production for it (might even be some beta out for it). This system again seems robust enough to handle Amiga emu. Also there is a full size USB port built into it so it's possible that full keyboard use could be implemented.
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