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What is the best for portable amiga emulation?

I have a psp and gp2x and they both have emulators and i think the gp2x is better than the psp for emu as the psp is always jerking with games. I was thinking of getting a pandora until i nearly choked to death on the price lol When im on my pc/laptop im playing black ops or GTA etc and id much rather play amiga games nowadays on a portable device.

I was thinking..... would the best portable device be simply a netbook? One of those tiny pc laptop thingies with the atom processor?

Would that be powerful to run WINUAE (the daddy of emulators) and the games we all know and love? It would just simply be an emulator for games of other systems too but amiga emu is of course the main point. Netbooks can be found for between 150 and 199 pounds (roughly) and that is a good price for portable amiga emulation.

My only concern is will the netbooks be powerful enough to run WINUAE at a decent speed considering they have usually 1ghz processors and minimal gfx card devices.

Thanks for any advice guys :-)
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