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Hope it will be better then C-One Hardware and ideas are one thing, but good and a lot cores are the best thing to sell a product. With one small new board replacing a lot of platforms and expansions that would be great. C-One is too old, not many cores available. Chameleon is nice, but without connectors it's no stand-alone platform (at today's development standards). i hope that Individual computers has learned what a good product will need to be successful. Cone was for other customers, too, but was no success.

Hope they will finally come back. Since MMC64 the products are not that much made for my needs or done other as I would like them to be Concepts of expansion of the expansion and clip-on SMD Chips is what I mean. They should come back with some simple, good it would have a lot more success and pieces sold as the current "you need 1 thing for one computer concept". I would like to get back to: Buy one and use on all things you have. Think of an in-built MMC64: You can only use it on one C64.

-> My Opinion, you can have your own, but please no discussion. I think some will support the better picture quality of Indivsion AGA, others would like an cheaper (more pieces) external flickerfixer to connect all of you Amigas.
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