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Thanks for the welcomes people

Hopefully Prowler I've been telling the missus that I'm going to get the Amigas going again every time she griefs me about them sitting in a corner gathering dust.

Not that she would ever admit it but I think she's a bit disappointed that I haven't because she used to enjoy playing too, otherwise they'd have been skipped years ago

When we had the garage converted a few years back I even reserved the desk space for one, but if I'm honest the main thing that has stopped me is having the time to spend on it without getting dragged off onto something else, now that I can't do much else this is the ideal time.

Yep the battery had definitely had it Cosmicfrog but I think that for once the amount of dust and crap in there has done me a favour because although on first glance it looked pretty nasty once I'd taken a bit of care to clean everything up properly there's only a bit of discolouration on the board under where it lived, certainly no damage to the tracks. With everything surface mounted these days it was nice to see a board that can be repaired down to component level if needed
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