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Flashback: Sydney DemoParty 11-13th June

After the successful Syntax 2009 demo party in Melbourne, Defame was formed to penetrate the oz scene. We would like to celebrate this occasion with YOU, but this time in Sydney Australia.

Syntax 2009 proved that there are active and passionate sceners out there, and what a successful turnout it was. Sceners from all over Australia made the effort to come to Melbourne.

Over the last 20 years Australia has seen a lot of successful talent come and go from all computer demoscene platforms C64 - Amiga, Console & PC and it is our great pleasure to inspire our fellow sceners back out of the wood work to be apart of Flashback.

An event to re-group, an event to create, an event to show your talents. Encourage new computer enthusiasts to join us in the fun and a chance to defame the defamers.

We need your help to bring back that oldschool party feeling!! For all those current demo sceners and ex-sceners, it's time to come out of hiding and support us. A great chance to catchup with all your demoscene friends for an awesome week end of competing, drinking, watching demos and showing off your talents.
More information can be found here:
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