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Certainly on Youtube arcade Silkworm isn't done justice given how silky smooth it is- and Amiga of course. It would have all felt and looked different too if you saw it actually running at an arcade ie that feel you can't really recreate through just mame alone

That said though, there is a big difference with how much narrower the screen space is. Graphics upon inspection do also look less impressive regards to detail compared to Amiga

Might one day hook up a giant set of speakers and see what both games sound like

Just looked at NZ story again on Amiga and then Arcade and i really think this is another game that just seems more right on Amiga. It runs at a full screen rate for arcade but other than that the Amiga feels more snug regards to it's warm atmosphere- graphics are mostly spot on too

And to end, i think Rodland also feels nicer. There's a warmth to Amiga games that's an entirely diferent feel to most other machines.Like you're surrounded in a nice comforting bubble which is why i guess people love using the machine

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