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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
The Amiga version is class, I think many people have it spot on. These kind of things are always subjective anyway.

Thread really needs a vid - so here is the Arcade version: [ Show youtube player ]

The Amiga in general had aweful arcade ports, but Silkworm I feel was better on the Amiga.

It has more screen space, plays better (especially in two player) and the BOOOOMING sound effects. Also seemed a little more frantic and had fast paced "seat of the pants" playability.

The Arcade feels like some chunky generic midi sounding VGA PC game in comparison, even though it was better in certain areas it felt overall worse to me.

Perhaps it's because I played the Amiga version SOOO much with friends in multiplayer, that the Arcade just didn't feel right.

I definitely recall there being a very deep bass from the final boss explosion in the arcade version.Sadly this can't really be witnessed in mame i guess. Maybe they swapped the speakers for some mega bass ones in the version i played at my local. That screen does look more cramped though for sure

Certainly one of the better conversions but then it was storm

Colour wise it looks just about perfect on Amiga even though i expect it's 16 colours? i'm guessing the arcade version used 32 colours at least?

Anyway ST version beats all
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