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Originally Posted by JACK98 View Post
Will we ever see the likes of phase 5 power pc cards again,or does cost and copyright issues prohibit the case?.
There are still a few industrial PPC SOC chips being developed, mostly used in automotive industry that could possibly be used on a new PPC card for Classic Amiga computers, but the people with the knowledge of how it was done at Phase5 are all gone, or working on other projects and most likely would not be interested in spending their time to design a new accelerator card when the return on investment of time and money to produce a new accelerator would be next to zero. They would have to sell such an accelerator at a price like the X1000 motherboard to make any money on the project.

Plus, most of the industrial chips are weak compared to any desktop CPU that has been used within the last 10 years. They would probably be faster than an old 604e @233MHz, but still light years behind even the notebooks and tablet CPU's of today.

No, I don't think we will be seeing any new PPC accelerator cards for Classic Amiga computers ever again.
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