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Originally Posted by Ffin View Post
The result? Something that has cost over £1000 and is nothing but a time sink in terms of maintence, but probably gets used for an hour a week (if that) for it's intended purpose, entertainment.

Anyone else?
Well, not related to electronics, but after I had my bicycle stolen I wanted to get back into riding. The last one was a very nice 1800 GBP bicycle, so it had to be at the same level. I did ride in some parts of the year up to 250 km a week, so it was serious use.

I joined a forum that had people sharing the same entusiasm towards bicycles to discuss what to get for my needs. That was my first fault. Then they had a craze around all mountain bikes with beefy suspension that could be used in heafty terrain and also on singeltracks. Now I did mostly my trips on gravel because I didn't have much singeltrack to choose from. But I liked the idea. So my 2000 GBP budget suddenly became 3600 GBP.

What I didn't account for was that I'm not that brave, so the bike I bought is now one of four bikes I own because even though it could do everything, it is too heavy for the fun gravel races, and after a bad jump on it which caused me everything from a broken helmet to a thrombus due to a damaged muscle - I'm kind of a pussy on the steeper parts of the trails.

So this 3600 GBP bike has now the value of around 6-800 GBP if I were to sell it. it was used quite a bit until I bought more suitable bikes for my need - and after that it even spent a couple of years in storage. Still I have it with the intention of using it more.

And the bike I use the most, it is quite close to the bike I initially looked at..
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