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When a "project" gets out of hand...

Apologies if this has been done before, but I didn't find anything with the search. I also apologise that it isn't Amiga related, but I needed to confess to someone, preferably a group that would understand my disease

Back in 2009 I had my Easter vacation coming up, and a Windows laptop only provides so much fun. Fallout 3 had been a nice diversion since my wife and I had split up, but a man needs more. Google provided the answer: XBMC on an XBOX. Seemed fairly cheap and easy to do, so that was it. I ordered an original XBOX through Amazon (£25 including delivery) and a 500GB hard-drive, downloaded the software, and waited to get started on Good Friday.

Long story short, it took until Tuesday or Wednesday to actually soft-mod the box (and many crates of Carling), but once it was done, I was very impressed. That was when the bug bit.

Bought the best mod-chip available, an X3, and the replacement front panel with VFD display and standard USB ports. Very nice, but by now I had read that you could use a 1TB drive with a suitable IDE-SATA (or is it SATA-IDE?) adapter so I bought of couple of those.

I spent hours downloading, installing and testing scripts, icons and plugins for XBMC. I bought an account at xboxisozone and downloaded over 100 games, most of which I still haven't played.

Then I realised I didn't have a very good TV, so I bought a full HD 32" unit with 2 x SCART, component and 2 x HDMI inputs. I even bought a Netgear wireless bridge to get the box online.

Running in 720 was nice, but then I tried something at 1080 and the box couldn't handle it, so I bought a HDX 1000 and another 1TB drive, to "complement" the XBOX.

The intention: to spend £100 on something to keep me occupied for the weekend.
The result? Something that has cost over £1000 and is nothing but a time sink in terms of maintence, but probably gets used for an hour a week (if that) for it's intended purpose, entertainment.

Anyone else?
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