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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Sure thing, I can't right now though as I've set the Tower back up.

I put the FastATA back in and it boots ok (as long as I disconnect the DVDRW) so I guess that explains why I couldn't install via the FastATA.

Going to be fun and games working that out since ATA3 prefs cannot see the FastATA

But at least I can boot OS4.1 and swap out CF's for my other installs and my OS3.9 install on the BPPC SCSI is working still so its all lookin' good

I'm away for the weekend but if I get time before I leave I'll setup the Desktop and get the screen shots for you.

Thanks again for the advice, etc. I'll have a good read of the docs

There is a fastATA prefs in sysrefs.... check that out....doesn't work on my machine since it's an A4000 though

have a great weekend!
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