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The future of Amiga

what do people think about the possibiltiies?

When i read of the amigaone x1000 soon to be released a couple months ago i had hope rekindled in the community and software developers that are the heart of the Amiga. I was amazed by all work done to emmulate the amiga hardware and systems under winuae - so cool! I'm currnetly exploring the newer/older amigas and software that i never had a chance to years ago - while anticipating a rivial in OS development and hardware implementation only dreamed about in the early 90's - including opensource.

I think the article in the last cd issue 52 of amiga format regarding the future of amiga programming and community is very prescient. As well, the bloatedness, antifeatures, drm, of microsoft and Apple among other issues is driving me back to the amiga os.
I recently stumbled across the 7 sins of microsoft and a lecture at south by south west
with a message - program or be the user and the used. This is a very interesting and exciting time for the amiga.

I am enthusiatic and hopeful about the evolution of the amiga system and concept.
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