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Originally Posted by DarrenHD View Post
Steve, glad you got it up and running. We did spend quite a bit of time making the Installation much nicer. The old machines can be a bit picky, but your end result looks great thanks for the pix!

My pleasure mate and thanks for your work, I can tell a lot has gone into it. Much more polished than OS4. This actually feels like a finished product whereas OS4, well I used it once and never again.

I did have a go setting it up on my A1200D as well, but didn't have a reliable enough CF to do the install. But I did get it to boot from CD which was pretty cool. It took a few CTRL-A-A's to get her to go. I think like anything else you just need a few goes to get the hang of it

Since you like pics here some more lol:

Of course its only in AGA until after the install as it dosen't pick up the BVision like the installer does with the Voodoo 3. I just stole the CF card from my A600 so I might have another go this evening...


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