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(Cheers Seuden)

Ok guys, last update for today! Hope its been useful

All installed and running, first impression is that its much more of a complete OS than OS4, runs quicker and feels nicer to navigate.

I'm yet to test out the new apps and such, that will come later. I simply installed a Warp3D game (Wipeout2097) and it works great and I had a little look around the OS.

I'm off to download the app's suggested in the manual and will have a play with those like Mame

Oh and I need to get her online, hopefully OS4.1 picks up my PCI NIC - I'm sure it will since its a Realtek 8139 which is supported.

Ok, the pics!

Installation going much smoother this time! PPC is nice and cool with the ABIT SLI cooler aka BPPC OS4.1 Install Cool(tm) lol

Also on the new CF no errors during install which is great!

Booting for the first time

Welcome screen to setup Sound/Internet/etc

Screen modes for my Voodoo 3/Monitor were all setup automatically which is a nice touch. Running at at 1280x720x24 looks slick and runs nice.

Hopefully I can stick the FastATA back in and set that up so it works with CDROM support, but will have a play as it for now. First thing to do is backup the install so I don't have to go through all that again lol

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