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Well as usual nothing is simple with Amiga

Although claiming to support the FastATA the installer does not pick up my DVDRW attached, at first I thought it was bacause I have the DVD on IDE2 so I moved it to IDE1 but still not picked up so I can't install!

It says in the manual if you have IDEFix you need the CD on IDE1 hence why I tried that.

So now I guess I have to pull the whole system apart, all the PCI cards and Mediator and pull out the FastATA and use an IDEFix or 4WayIDE to install.

Thing is, will the FastATA be supported if I do that? Grrr. Not to mention the pain in the ass it is to strip the whole thing down, re-fit Roms, etc...

There's nothing I can find in the Manual about the FastATA so I guess I'll send an email off to Amigakit before I pull this thing apart in case there is some super secret trick I dont know

Oh, somthing else I spotted in the manual, you cannot have two PCI VGA cards in the system at the same time, not supported so I guess there goes the idea of a Dual boot OS3.9 with Voodoo and OS4.1 with Radeon

Going to read the manual again in case I missed anything.

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