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Ok, I also got my custom ROM working. Here is the procedure I followed using lastest Remus:
- Make sure that the "kick 3.0" jumper is set on the ACA1230 board
- Grab the contents of kickstart 3.0
- Create new ROM project (standard 512K, with checksum)
- Include all modules from original kickstart 3.0 EXCEPT "scsi.library" and "icon.library"
- Include patched "scsi.device" version 43.24
- Generate new ROM
- Copy "icon.library" from kickstart 3.0 into "libs:"
- Make sure the first line of startup-sequence is as follow:
ACATune -maprom <path-to-rom> p -cache on -burst on >NIL:

Reboot ... and it should work. You may do a similar procedure with kick 3.1 of course.

Thank you all for your support !
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