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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
No more details, as they would reveal the ideas (both marketing and technology-wise). They're simple and easy to copy, therefore "saying nothing" is the safest thing to do for me.

Yes, I know about Natami and FPGAarcade, but I neither want to create a new platform (like Natami does), nor do I want to address the existing Amiga people only.

Those two projects are creating a nieche within a nieche with sales prospects of maybe 200 units total. Clone-A goes into the other direction, where it can please Amiga-freaks, but also attract new customers and new developers - and the latter is what we desperately need.

We have the true classics, the ppc-driven classics, the new ppc without custom chipsets, x1000 with new custom chips, minimig that modernize the a500, fpgaarcade that does amiga among others, natami that upgrades the classic amiga and for os - aros, morphos, os 3.x and os 4.x... And clone-a will go in another direction?

When it comes to fragmentation, Android is no match to the Amiga. Not that I'm not really excited about all the new projects - I'm just impressed by the lack of common goal.
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