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All three have rich music examples and i'd have to disagree that sound is ugly on MD- limited perhaps in that it has that signature MD sound but i happen to love that sound

Amiga has a great amount of stunning tunes from some top tunesmiths but for the most, it's largely chord and arpeggio work learned from the bedroom.That is to say much of music produced this way is easier to spot as sequenced- certainly a lot of demo anyway .An artist as good as Chris Huelsbeck however while still heavily driven by patterns a lot of the time for making up a body, still has this very deep understanding for theme- even if made from just a series of pattern blocks. It's only a small percentage of music that ever seemed written this way by just a few really talented artists at the time

Both Megadrive and Snes have better orchestrated structures written in a true music form by those that know the art of music in that classical sense

I tend to favour a lot of Amiga music but for that truly professionally constructed stuff, you mostly only got that on console music.Does that make it better to listen to? probably not always but i can certainly get a little burned out on Amiga bedroom pieces. With exeptions of course, they are usually extremely impressive yet mostly alway scale/block based to the point it can sometimes wear thin
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