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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
BTW Amiga Doom does not use MIDI (I should know, see the DOTT thread) so that's not a good comparision. I think the problem here is that the modern versions of ScummVM are targeted at more powerful hardware and so they don't have the same issues as the Amiga versions with things like MIDI playback and 16bit overlays.
I'm the one to blame for mentioning ADoom at the ScummVM AGA thread which of course I did without the intention to cause any harm. But ADoom in fact does play MIDI files, I mean, the .mus files contained inside Doom wad files which are a slight variant of MIDI. And it does so using a MIDI engine, as stated in ADoom's docs. What's more, since Doom executable version 1.5 (and ADoom uses 1.9) you can use MIDI files directly in wad files without converting it to .mus.
Even if we still don't consider that as actually playing MIDI I made a little experiment last night. I downloaded and installed GMPLay from aminet. I left it playing a bunch of MIDI files as a background task and started ADoom, disabling all of its sound features (both sfxs and MIDI music) to avoid a sound conflict... and it worked! FPS average decreased from some 10-15 to 8-13, making the game hardly playable, but It still was going on.

Now, playing MIDI files without external hardware has always been considered as a real tricky business for any 680xx Amiga, even for 68060 based ones. Then again, a 50 MHz 68030 can play MIDI files using software synthesys and still have left some amount of resources to do other things, including playing Doom at a fair enough (given circumstances) speed.

I really am sorry and apologize if it seemed that my intention was either beeing dismissive of Amiga ScummVM's music performance or making unfair comparisions. My point was that it's not just lack of power on the processor side but, as Novacoder himself has quite acurately stated, the fact that the original ScummVM routines are meant to give optimal results with a later generation of CPUs what causes the poor MIDI output even when using an external card (as seem to be the case). This last bit suggests that perhaps there could be still an unexplored space for improvement. And then again, that doesn´t mean Novacoder should even think of it. As it is, Amiga ScummVM has reached far beyond than we were all expecting not long ago and has given us much more than we ever asked for, and of course, we'll never thank him enough for it .

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