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Caanoo running ProTracker 2.3

A quick port of UAE4ALL has been done to the Caanoo and so far it';s really awesome. It can emulate the Amniga full speed in many things, the worst time being when it does disk access. but tons of games run totally full speed, it's incredible I can use them in a portable machine like this.

I been experimenting with using ProTracker on it and it runs awesome. In thsoe cases when I can't take an Amiga to a show, I can definitely take the Caanoo and play my mods as if I did with the Amiga (with the chance to channel mute and other things I do with PT realtime)

Here's a little video showing it
[ Show youtube player ]

I just can't wait for it to be fully optimized and bugs zapped, I am really hap[py with my Caanoo and the only thing left on my wishlist is a port of VICE and someone is already working on it.
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