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This is what you see when you boot Hombre_v1.01_FLP.

The top bar is a little gauge program kindly programmed by Leffmann.

From the left it shows:
Track position for DF0:
Track position for DF1:
Free space on DF0: (in kbytes)
Free space on DF1: (in kbytes)
Free space on FAT1: (in kbytes)
Free total mem (in bytes)

The first thing you want to do is change the overscan settings to have the screen centered. From the menu (right-mouse button) choose System>Preferences. When the program loads you can adjust the position by dragging the square in the box. When finished click on Save.

The next thing is the keymap... the default one loaded in startup-sequence is for a German layout. If you've got a different one choose the correct one from the Keymap menu. To make it permanent type 'dme s:startup-sequence' in shell and change the setmap entry to suit you (the names of the keymaps are in the square brackets in the menu entries). When finished press F10.

If you plan to read Amiga formatted floppy discs in DF1: use 'dme s:hombre-startup' and uncomment the 'addbuffers df1: 25' line. F10 to save and exit.

You're good to go.

You need at least two floppies for this test. PC FAT 720kb and an OFS Amiga 880kb.

On the PC on the command line use 'format a: /t:80 /n:9' to get a 720kb Fat32 floppy (tape over the extra hole when using HD disks)

On the Amiga choose Floppy>Format disk in DF0: or press F4 or SHIFT+F4 (this formats a disk in DF1:). Follow the instructions and you'll be set.

You can press HELP for all the shortcuts and aliases.

Now for the tests:

From the floppy menu choose.

"Mount FAT1:"
"Mount FLAT:"
"Copy UnDMS to RAM:"
"Initialize FUnZip"

When ready, copy the file test.dms from the archive to the PC floppy. Place it in the external drive. Place a blank Amiga floppy in the internal drive and issue this command:

xdms fat1:test.dms
Press enter then wait.

Do the same for but this time the command is:

you can follow the progress by looking at the '0:' indicator on the top bar when it reaches 79 the file has been transfered.

After that choose adf2df1 form the Floppy menu (rebooting Hombre first might be a good idea to free up RAM:), follow the instructions and press Enter when prompted. (first you need to copy the test.adf.001 file to the PC floppy and later test.adf.002)

If after any of these operations the PC floppy becomes corrupted let me know.

Here's the link to the archive...

All works for me now (both on real hardware and under emulation) but please take the time if you can to check it on your setup. Thanks!
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