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Help needed!

I seem to have found a weird bug when it comes to floppy based transfers in Hombre when using two disk drives (the external one is used to read PC FAT32 720kb floppies, the internal to write back images to Amiga disks... these can include zipped ADF, DMS, and normal ADFs chopped in two).

After writing the files to an Amiga disk the FAT floppy becomes unreadable (it acts as if it's write protected and needs to formated if you want to use it again).

This could be due to my external drive's interface as it's been acting up lately... I went through different drives, cables... and I'm stumped.

It should work! Well it works... the files are written correctly it's just that the PC floppy gets corrupted somehow.

Sooo, I'm looking for people to help me test this.

You need an Amiga with 1.3 ROMs, 1Meg of memory and an external drive.

EDIT: link removed check the post below for the new one.

Here's a link to the test version (PAL and NTSC).

It's late and I haven't had any sleep yet If someone's interested I'll post the instructions later today.

This is not a full version of Hombre v1.01 just the files needed to test this issue.

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