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Well although we have a strong interest in preserving games, the hardware just reads what's on the platter. Since many institutes are not limited to one platform, they were looking for something versatile to carry around that can be used in many places and deal with a broad range of drives and formats.

I don't know why they did not chose other competitive products. We're just glad they did pick our solution. Maybe they liked our approach, our business style, our expertise and our way of dealing with things.

BTW our Preservation Analyser has been sold to some institutes, too. This means that these institutes are going for preservation in IPF files. We have been handing out sources for the format in form of the IPF library as well, just for those concerned that it might eventually die with our project. We're currently looking for a way of releasing it to the broad public, too (see another thread). It turns out to be more complicated than we thought (especially finding something that might please the GPL fans), but as you can see we're making steps into the right direction. As of today, we're no more the only organisation that can make IPFs...
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