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Originally Posted by ceaser View Post
I notice BoingBag4 seems to be mainly for A1200/A4000.
No, it's for all Amigas (including CD32 and similar).

I have both those wonderful classic Amiga's too, but I cannot get the patch line that is requested at the end of BB4 to work now. I just commented it out because my install does not know what FailAt is. Let me know if I even need BB4 on Amiga 3000 please. And what is up with this line? What does it do ?
Sorry, FailAt is in ROM since 2.0. So in the startup-sequence it should be just FailAt rather than SYS:C/FailAt. This is fixed in the latest version (V0.8q).

FailAt affects the handling of return codes during script execution. The purpose of it is to prevent the startup-sequence from aborting prematurely if the LoadResident command fails (which it will do if the components have already been updated on the previous boot).

Also, is MUI not something that jives with the updates? I have trouble installing MUI 3.8 after I update with the Boing Bags. Some other guy complained about this in a post from 2003. I said something in a post in Amiga scene that I thought your download of MUI38.usr on your site was corrupt, but it wasn't.
I haven't noticed any problems, can you be more specific?

So, I guess another question is: is MUI at all necessary with BB3?
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