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I'm always going on about turn-based because it's never been with modern hardware the way it should be done. Sure, there are the Japanese and indie titles, but I'm waiting for a big budget Western game with the same production values as the Gold Box games had back in the day.

I don't necessarily think turn-based is the end-all, be-all, though. I could live and possibly come to prefer a real-time game with slider, like you get in the Total War games. Instead of just being able to pause, you could slow down time to really get in there and micromanage the heck out of a battle. Maybe they could also have an option where you could replay a battle at regular speed afterward just to revel in it.

Still, turn-based is totally different, since you have to factor the turns into your strategy. You can suddenly use your big fireballs and such instead of just chain lightning and magic missiles, for one thing.

I agree, though, turn-based can become dead-paced if the battles are too frequent or too easy. A modern interface could easily fix a lot of this, though, by allowing you to make macros or store your most common attacks and such. You shouldn't have to aim each time, for instance. Maybe just have the game recommend a move each turn and just hit enter to accept that, only going out of that when you need to. There's a lot of ways they could fix this.

BTW, I think the game Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor is what doomed turn-based. It was a terrible, awful, horrifically bad game. Naturally, the conclusion was that turn-based was dead and this game proved it. Arggghhh!!! It was a sucky game, period! nevertheless, I think that's what most modern designers think of when they hear turn-based.
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