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Thanks for the nice words Gulliver my friend. It would be a lot easier if we could make an "AmigaOS ROM Update" file as Cosmos did. That would have made BB3, BB4 installations a piece of cake for everyone
Till we have a better solution, custom kickstarts is the way to go as I see it

Ceaser mate, NOROMUPDATE option would be issued ONLY if you have a custom BB2+ Kickstart ROM (that has all the modules included in the ROM) since NOROMUPDATE won't patch any module from the "AmigaOS ROM Update" file.
The file "Devs/AmigaOS ROM Update" contains the following modules:
- bootmenu 44.7
- console.device 44.8
- exec.library 45.20
- filesystem.resource 45.10
- filesystem 45.13
- NCRscsi.device 45.13 (if you have an A4000T)
- ram-handler 44.23
- ROMUpdate 44.57
- scsi.device 43.43 and
- shell 45.7

Just to be sure what modules you have and if they are patched or not, just use the version command with the previous modules to see if you have the correct version installed. If you also installed BB3 and BB4, don't forget to check via version command the modules that got upgraded via LoadModule/LoadResident to the new versions.
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