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Originally Posted by Quagliarulo View Post
As soon as the executable finishes loading (or just after the audio/video requesters if they're not set to "auto"), I get a white screen on the RTG output and the power LED blinks. Few seconds later, I get the red software failure message on the AGA output. I get error #8000 0025 now, with the screen mode set to "auto" or "PAL: low res".
The RTG version of SCUMMVM does work and I can hear sound, although I'm not sure whether it comes from Paula or the Sound Blaster.
I guess that means that the AGA executable doesn´t, for some reason, like to be played in a RTG enviroment.
If RTG works OK and you can listen to sounds I presume your AHI is properly setup. In that case you can double-check, both in your AHI Preferences and in SCummVM audio requester that your SoundBlaster is selected.
Now start ScummVM, go to options/audio from launcher and look for the "Preferred device" dropbox. It's usually set to "No music" as nothing else has worked right untill now in real Amigas using Paula. Set it to "Default"
Now try some game with MIDI music: Monkey 1 or 2, Indianas, Day of the Tentacle... and see if you can listen to the music in the intro or credits screens, also during the game.

Does it sound properly?
Does it play but giving the game a noticeable slowdown?
Does it crash mercilessly?

Whatever the result, try again, but now selecting "Paula 8 bit stereo" as your AHI device. Does it make any difference?

Both Novacoder and all of us who have been testing as many games as we had time to are still wondering why MIDI soundtracks are not working as they should. It's assumed that it requires more processor power than our humbles 68030s can give out, but then again, games like ADoom can play Doom MIDI music through Paula, mix them with Doom's sound samples, and still go full screen with 256 colours and reach some 10-15 FPS (and I don't think, but of course I could be wrong about it, ScummVM miggy port requires more processor force than that!) so perhaps there is another reason for it.


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