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I think I'm already using Klite, but perhaps I changed them time ago for a problem. I'm not sure and I could reinstall it.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
That's great. I'm going to try it. Thanks!

EDIT: I agree completely with this:
"It’s possible to convert the encoding format of the video to DreamScene supported .MPG or .WMV format using video converter. However, the decoding and re-encoding conversion process is long time wasting process, and will probably degrade and reduce the video quality, especially if the media is high definition contents "

FINAL EDIT: Yes, it works. I've installed Klite codecs and renamed an .avi video as .wmv video (just that). I opened it with windows media player and after some complaints about .wmv videos I told it to never ask again, as it was playing it right. Now I've got my Vice video working as wallpaper. Anyway the quality of the image (video) isn't as good (the colors aren't so real) as a jpg image.

If I could use a jpg image as background and put a flashing square icon where the prompt is...

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