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Making a C64 video with Vice

I want to use the C64 screen as wallpaper in my Pc mod, but with the prompt moving.
Something like this:

With Windows XP you can use a gif image like this as wallpaper without problems (if you like it, just copy it and you can use it), but with Vista or Windows 7 you can't.

I've downloaded DreamScene that lets you play videos as wallpapers, and now I'm using one in my laptop from a Youtube video, but it hasn't the best quality.

I need to get a .wmv video of around 20 seconds of Vice showing just that C64 screen. Perhaps somebody here can do it and upload a copy for me, if not wmv in .avi . I can change it later.

I don't use to play Vice, but I installed the last version. Later, after reading, I changed it's dll's for ffmpeg, but in Snapshot/Save/Stop media file/Select driver it wasn't showing the "ffmpeg" option. Later I installed an older version of Vice (WinVice 2.1) and after saving those dll's I can get the ffmpeg option, but I don't know how to make the video.

Really I won't be making more videos, just this; that's why I was thinking that perhaps somebody could do it for me or for those that want to try it.

Thanks a lot.

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