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Jens, do you know more about this issue with scsi.device and acatune ?

Or is it an issue with loadmodule ? because acatune seems to execute fine. But the following "LoadModule scsi.device" crashes the machine...

---- Edit -----

Ok, I made some "progress" ... I realized that I forgot to remove the kick 3.0 jumper on ACA 1230 board. After I did it, no more red screen !
Unfortunately, the custom ROMs still don't work. After the maprom, the following happens:
- reboot
- screen goes orange
- sçreen goes black
- power LED blicks ... And reboot ... And loop to orange screen ...

When I use the standard 3.1 kick, the machine boots but don't start on my CF (error is "Not a valid DOS disk). Does that mean that a disk formatted with kick 3.0 does work with 3.1 ?? That sounds rather strange ...

I still did not understand why custom ROMs dont work (they seem to work in WinUAE).
Any idea is welcomed.

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