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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
Red color flashing means: ROM error.

Make sure that the ACATune declaration is the first line in your Startup-Sequence.
Even the slightest load before it, will mess the memory alas the kicked image of yours won't load properly and you'll have issues.

Use the following declaration to test your kickstart images:
C:ACATune -maprom <Your_Custom_Kick_Path> -cache on -burst on >NIL:

C:ACATune -maprom Devs:kick31.rom -cache on -burst on >NIL:

If it doesn't work also, maybe the kickstart images aren't correct.
I wrote a guide for you to be able to make one on your own here:
What about the "p" paramiter?
Patch the rom.

Screen going orange means its loaded the rom fine.
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