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Unhappy Issue with ACA1230 and scsi.device

Hi guys,

I just decided to come back to the Amiga world with the following setup:
- A1200
- Kickstart 3.0
- ACA1230/28Mhz + ACATune 1.02b6
- IDE/CF adaptor with 8GB CF card
- Latest classic wb

The 1st line of my startup-sequence is:
ACATune -maprom * p >NIL:

I have a strange issue.
Everything runs fine as long as the scsi.device stays at version 37.64 (the one from kick 3.0).
When I patch the scsi.device to 43.24 (to activate large HD support), the Amiga does not boot anymore:
After a reboot, the hard disk boots and an screen becomes orange. Then it reboots. The hard disk seems to boot for 1 second and ... nothing. The screen stays black.
There is no way to boot from the CF card anymore.
Booting from a floppy works fine.

If I remove the patched scsi.device and reboots ... everything works back again.

If really looks like the "loadmodule devs:scsi.device" crashes the beast. If also tried with the scsi.device 43.46 from Cosmos without more luck.

Did anyone ever had that issue ?

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