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Originally posted by blackcornflake
Well, this is good news.

Being a Mediator owner, I am still waiting for the SharkPPC though...
This will take some time. Hopefully Elbox will have their stuff finished when Hyperion is ready. And hopefully they'll stop playing games - Elbox and licensing issues: trouble guaranteed.

Would this thread not be a good place for someone in the know (hi Korodny) to give some concrete info on the AmigaOne?
Well, there's not much more info available, than the stuff in the FAQ Akira linked to. It's just a PPC motherboard running AmigaOS (and every other OS somebody adopts to it - currently a bunch of Linux distros).

I have lost all track of what it is supposed to do, how it might interface with classic Amiga gear, etc.
Forget about the interface to classic hardware. That project is dead. The only thing that will make some classic "hardware" (keyboards, mice, digital joysticks, disk drives) available to the A1 will be the Catweasel.

Any details you can divulge, now it is available?
Regarding the hardware? Hm... no. There aren't any secrets left, as far as I know.

afaik there is no direct English equivalent to this phrase, if I understand the meaning correctly: to buy something sight unseen.
Yep. "buy something sight unseen" sounds ike one hell of a complicated phrase to me so I'll treat that one as an equivalent from now on

To "let the cat out of the bag" is to give away a secret.
Yes, we've got this one too, funny. So I assume that swedish people don't "let the pig out of the bag"
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