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Oh! It runs OS X?? 100% compatibility with all the Mac stuff??
I could live without that Linux shite, but OS X sounds neat
Geez, you're a real hardware fetishist

It does not run OS X natively (yet) - I don't know if somebody's working on that (I don't care). It shouldn't be a real problem, there just has to be somebody interested in doing it.

But it does run MacOnLinux ("MOL") which is a Mac Emulator for LinuxPPC. Actually, it's not really an emulator, as it doesn't have to emulate the CPU. It's quite similar to WINE or the old 68k Mac emulators for AmigaOS. MOL runs OSX.2 just fine, and at native speed (I'm told, I can't run OSX natively). This is my first contact with MacOS, but I didn't run into any compatability issues or other problems.

So, basically you get your favourite Linux distro (I think there 5 or 6 now that were adapted to th A1). Install it (most LinuxPPC distros already include MOL) and forget about Linux instantly
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